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About Us

With both a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Information Systems, Taha is passionately interested in emerging technologies of every kind. In addition to his university qualifications, he is also a certified scrum master.

Taha is a broadcast professional who has honed his broadcast and technological skills by undertaking work for such high profile clients as Channel 5, BSkyB and RedBee Media. In addition to these well-known clients, he has worked with many other major clients across a wide spectrum of industries and business sectors, utilising a variety of different platforms. He has extensive experience and an in-depth knowledge of both video on demand and the syndication of broadcast content securely to a wide array of connected platforms. However, while video on demand and IPTV are his specialist areas, Taha also has a keen interest in computer networks, server systems and Cloud computing.

Taha has a very strong interest in and curiosity about technology. He loves to set himself the challenge of modifying a product with the goal of getting it to do more than was originally intended. As well as this interest in getting the most out of technology, Taha is also very driven to get the best out of the people who work with him by encouraging them to set high standards and to work towards them. With this goal, he provides inspirational leadership to build top performance teams, eliminating silos, improving software engineering and delivery processes using best practices.

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Outside work

In his spare time, Taha is no less passionate about technology than he is in his work life, and likes nothing better than the opportunity to tinker with any new hardware or software he can get his hands on. He also puts his spare time to profitable use by doing freelance work in the field of developing bespoke web development solutions that make use of all the latest web technology tools.

He also enjoys keeping himself up to the minute on emerging products, both hardware and software, by visiting exhibitions that showcase the latest cutting edge developments in the world of technology.

In addition to his love of technology, Taha has a passion for football, both as a spectator and as a player. He supports Arsenal FC and also plays semi professional football. A keen fitness enthusiast, he keeps himself in shape by working out at the gym four times a week.

Please note: This website is intended to be a reflection of Taha's thoughts and experiences. It does not represent any of Taha's clients, it’s business partners or any of its corporate strategies.